The Centre for Power and Energy Systems (CPES) is INESC TEC’s main actor in the areas of electrical 

energy. The Centre employs close to 70 collaborators, including 16 PhD holders. It is internationally recognised for its expertise in problems relating to the integration of wind power and renewable energy in general in power systems. CPES is also recognised in the areas of distributed generation and smart-grids, the areas traditionally associated with planning and operating power systems.

The high level of expertise developed has allowed specialists at CPES to take on key roles in important EU projects as part of the successive framework programmes that led to notable scientific and technical advances with considerable impact on industry. This has led to contracts for development and consultancy with companies manufacturing equipment, generation, transmission and distribution companies, regulators, government agencies and investors in Europe, South America, the United States of America and Africa.

INESC TEC develops expertise in several research areas, namely:

Integration of renewable energy sources in transmission systems – development of studies for the Portuguese and Spanish TSOs to evaluate reserve requirements of each system through reliability analysis, with large scale integration of renewable sources; participation in EU project ANEMOS.PLUS on the optimal management of electricity grids linked to large-scale wind power generation; and development of steady-state and dynamic behaviour analysis for the integration of wind parks for wind park developers.

Microgeneration and microgrids – participation in the EU-financed MICROGRIDS and MORE MICROGRIDS projects aiming to study technical/economic feasibility of large-scale integration of microgenerators along with controllable loads and storage devices in LV grids.
Electric vehicle integration in distribution grids – Scientific coordination of the EU-financed MERGE project aiming at evaluating the impacts of EV on the EU electric power systems regarding planning, operation and market functioning and the national REIVE project in collaboration with the Industry, where the impacts of EV in LV networks will be evaluated in a test bed, under a laboratorial environment where the major elements of a LV network are present.
Development of a technical architecture for the implementation of a fully active distribution network – INOVGRID project, which involves the installation of 6 million of smart-meters and was launched by the Portuguese DSO, addresses the need to introduce more intelligence to manage and control distribution networks in order to progress towards the smart grid paradigm, giving support to all new smart metering and commercial processes.

Main tasks in the project: INESC TEC will lead WP2 – Design of new tools for smart distribution system operation and will be responsible for developing advanced functionalities for smart grids such as renewable generation forecasting and coordinated voltage control. It will also participate in the definition of the overall system architecture in WP1 and on the development of a multi-objective methodology for supporting network planning in WP3.
SuSTAINABLE is a European project under the Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development with contract No: 308755