EFACEC Engenharia e Sistemas, S. A. is a member of the EFACEC Group, the largest Portuguese group in the electromechanical area. The areas where EFACEC Engenharia e Sistemas is active involve the supply of turnkey engineering systems, including basic and detailed project, procurement, erection and testing. EFACEC Engenharia e Sistemas carries out its activities in the fields of Energy, providing Energy Solutions projected for Power Generation, Transmission, Distribution and Power Systems Automation. Other units of the EFACEC Group are:
Power Generation Unit: This Business Unit, with wide experience in domestic and international markets, focuses its activity on energy solutions for Power Generation, especially in the field of the "Balance of Plant – BOP", namely through Electrical and Mechanical Installations, Fuel and Coal Thermoelectric Power Plants Rehabilitation, Control and Instrumentation Systems and Overall Electrical Systems.
Power Transmission and Distribution Unit: This Business Unit, with wide experience in domestic and international markets, focuses its activity on energy solutions provided for Power Transmission and Distribution Networks, based on a philosophy of competitiveness and differentiation, integrating different technological competences.
Power Systems Automation Business Unit: After developing its own technology and acquiring expertise over a period started in the early 80's, this business unit focused its core business on solutions for Power Networks Management and Automation, based on a philosophy of innovation and differentiation with a strong integration capability of diversified technological competences.
The EFACEC Group provides solution for Distribution / Transmission, Network Management Systems (SCADA/DMS/EMS), Integrated Substation Command, Control and Protection Systems, Distribution Automation, Generation, Power Plants Management Systems (SCADA/EMS), Renewable Energy Power Plants Dispatching, Hydroelectric Power Plant Automation, Wind Farms Power Plant Automation. Within EFACEC Engenharia e Sistemas, the Automation Business Unit supplies turnkey systems for power system management, automation and protection. Also, on the area of smart grids, EFACEC supplies smart meters, data concentrators and advanced management and communication systems. Areas such as integration of RES, optimization of network operation, grid scale storage and electrical vehicle charging management systems are examples of expertise on smart grids.
Role in the project:
EFACEC will benefit from the results which can be implemented both on the DMS system and on the substation RTUs developed in-house, respecting the architecture and the technical requirements defined on WP2 where EFACEC will act as the WP leader. For WP3, EFACEC will contribute mainly on development of algorithms for the coordinated control strategies (voltage control and TVPP), on WP4, protections advanced settings will be developed where EFACEC is leader of task T4.3. On WP5 EFACEC will participate on demonstration (proof-of-concept) of the developed operation and planning methodologies. WP6 will be focused on the validation on the pilot sites of selected functionalities where new equipment, interfaces and communication links will have to be deployed. The Smart Grids R&D department will benefit from the cost-benefit analysis on WP6 and algorithms previously developed and demonstrated to pave the strategy for the creation of future products. Also, project dissemination (WP9) activities will be undertaken
SuSTAINABLE is a European project under the Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development with contract No: 308755